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AF/OI-01 is the first book of the ongoing series Outlooks Insights of the berlin based photographer Amos Fricke. It contains an excerpt of 200 black and white photographs of this series, taken with his Yashica during the last two years at various places all over europe.

The inherent principle of the snapshot is the randomness of the shoot. So he decided to go a step further: he randomized the order of the pictures throughout the book. Thus each book of this edition contains the same 200 images, but with a randomized and hence different order in every copy.

The images are generated by life and attention. It is neither a search nor a finding. It is a gainful meeting at the same level. Happenings and situations, objects and items, details and extracts, surfaces and materials, arrangements and settings, structures and influences, glamour and scum, the spectactular and the trivial, needs and satisfactions. Outlooks Insights is a companion. A story about life. Personal and public. – Amos Fricke

Author / Photographer: Amos Fricke, Publisher: Viktor & Pettl, Size: 210 x 148 mm, Content: 200 black and white photographs, printed digital and produced as edition in single-item production.

Take a look at the related article about the story behind the book: Outlooks Insights: The Book as a Snapshot.

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Amos Fricke, born 1987, is currently living and working in Berlin. Most of his works come up in the field of fashion and portrait photography and are published in magazines like Derzeit, I Love You, Quality, January, Groove and Feld 100. Furthermore he is responsible for the campaigns and lookbooks of various Berlin based fashion labels. Apart from his editorial and commercial work he is realizing self-initiated projects. His series "Outlooks Insights" is an example of an ongoing free project.


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