MOY – premium organic pantry supplies

by Jakob Fricke written on November 02, 2020

Too many times we care about the one special ingredient, for the once-in-a-while special occasions. The bottle of champagne, the dry aged steak…

But what about the everyday products that we consume throughout the whole day? Who care's about the quality of most of the products that we consume? – We do! That's why we started MOY .

Strolling through supermarkets, we find quality products at absurd prices or cheap prices for cheap products. We believe neither of them is a great option. With MOY, we combine the best of both worlds and offer premium quality at fair prices. We started with dried fruits, nuts and seeds, but will gradually expand to a wide variety of daily staples.

Best quality, fair price: We strive to provide the highest quality products from organically certified partners, free of any additives and preservatives. We work directly with farmers and producers—avoiding the middleman and guaranteeing fair prices for our customers and partners. We are really proud of the quality of our products so far! Some of our personal favourites are the dried mangoes, medjool dates and obviously a pouch of trail mix is never missing in the pantry.

Subscribe & Save: Choose between making a one-time purchase or a subscription and save additional 10% (pause, modify or cancel at any time). All of our products come in reclosable 800g pouches so the products stay in perfect condition.