writing paper for first graders now customizable

by Jakob Fricke written on May 31, 2011

The latest addition to my effort was to add more options to customize the PDFs on is the writing paper for prescholers and first graders.

More and more firstgraders have difficulties with fine motoric skills, coordination and action planing. Learning to write becomes a complex challenge. The general writing papers for prescholers and first graders are often confusing. Thus, this free downloadable version has an optional red baseline. This enables a better orientation while writing.

I also deleted the math graph paper in the children section. It's now replaced by the new customizable graph paper, which can be configured in the same way as the graph paper for math was (A4 / 1cm grid / 3cm margins).

If you use the customized writing paper I would love to hear how it works! Just drop me an mail or get in touch on Twitter.