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MOY – premium organic pantry supplies

Too many times we care about the one special ingredient, for the once-in-a-while special occasions. The bottle of champagne, the dry aged steak… But what about the everyday products that we consume throughout the whole day? Who care's about the quality of most of the products that we consume? – We do! … more

It's been a while…

It's been quiet here for a while now… with a reason. Durint the past months I was working on Picpack. Picpack is a personalized printing service, that turns your Instagrams — yes the service, that was recently bought by Facebook for around 1 Billion Dollar — into really cool magnets. You can check it … more

We love NYC – AF/OI-01 is now available at Printed Matter

I'm very happy to announce, that the book AF/OI-01 by Amos Fricke is now also distributed by one of the world's largest and finest indie wholesale and retail distribution hub for artists books: As of now the book is not only available via our webstore and do you read me?!, Berlin, but also at Printed … more

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Outlooks Insights

The book by photographer Amos Fricke consists of 200 black-and-white snapchots, taken in different locations across Europe. As randomness is an inherent feature of the snapshot, the book goes one step further: it randomizes the order of the shots in each book; making each copy in the edition unique.