Amos Fricke

Outlooks Insights

AF/OI-01 is the first installment of Outlooks Insights, an ongoing series by the Berlin-based photographer Amos Fricke. Begun in 2009, the first collection is comprised of 200 black-and-white photographs, each taken with a Yashica in different locations across Europe.

Randomness is an inherent feature of the snapshot. But in preparing Outlooks Insights, Amos chose to go one step further: he randomized the order of his shots in each book. Thus each copy in the edition is unique.

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It's been a while…

It's been quiet here for a while now… with a reason. Durint the past months I was working on Picpack. Picpack is a personalized printing service, that turns your Instagrams — yes the service, that was recently bought by Facebook for around 1 Billion Dollar — into really cool magnets. You can check it … more



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